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This is a picture of us using CO2 in the Planted Aquarium

CO2 in the Planted Aquarium – A Necessary Luxury

It has been debated in forums and clubs all over the world whether or not that CO2 in the planted aquarium is necessary to obtain lush plant growth with optimal results. Take a look at the difference in our aquariums that are using and not using CO2.

This is a picture of rolls of aquarium backgrounds and paint samples

Aquarium Background Ideas – Vinyl or Paint?

The background you choose for your aquarium can make or break your layout. Finding the right color can be difficult, but not impossible. Read this article to learn about the endless color choices that you may have not known about by only visiting your local fish store.

This is a picture of our Neon Blue Rasbora (Sundadanio axelrodi 'blue') in our Mr. Aqua 12 Long Aquarium

Neon Blue Rasbora – The Perfect Blue Nano Species

Looking for a blue species of fish besides the Cardinal or Neon Tetra that is less than an inch at full maturity? Read this article to learn about the gem of a fish known as the Neon Blue Rasbora.

How not to kill Black Beard Algae

How Not to Kill Black Beard Algae

This is an update on our little experiment on ridding ourselves of one of the most vile, hard to remove algae that we have ever encountered. We have learned how not to kill Black Beard Algae.

This is a picture of the Black Beard Algae finally dying off

Black Beard Algae – The Battle Begins

It seems like whenever we set up a new scape, there is at least one thing that plagues us, and that plague comes in one form of algae or another This time it is Black Beard Algae.

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